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    Hoo Stoe Mi Sand-Wish is an inventor from Paris, France. He is known for inventing the Monkey brand of Key Chain,and the Nigeria kind of Metal.

    Hoo Stoe Mi Sand-Wish was born in 1978, and was raised by his parents Wat Sand-Wish, and Watt-Kinnd Ov Sand-Wish. He graduated from the U.S.C. (Universal Suck-It-Up College). He invented the Monkey, and then he invented Nigeria. But because of the fact that the brand of Metal was formed because of his sandwich, he is can be seen day and night trying to reverse the process.

    Hoo Stoe Mi Sand-Wish has two friends: WiiR Houn-Gri, and his cousin Yu Stoe Urone Sand-Wish

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  • MartialArtist

    Henry P. Smellyfut

    August 12, 2009 by MartialArtist

    Henry P. Smellyfut is the starter of the company Fan, which sells the largest table in the World, and the company T.O.A.S.T.E.R. Henry P. Smellyfut is also an Amatuer inventor, having invented the Nearly Automatic Simple Condiment Application and Regulator (NASCAR) condiment application system, as well as Baseball, and having named a newly discovered stone. He also is an amateur Philosopher, having founded the theory, Sweden.

    Henry P. Smellyfut was born in 1964, and was raised by Jimmy and Terri Smellyfut. Henry P. Smellyfut graduated in the U.S.C., and started working in the World Business Donuts (WBD). In was in a company picnic of the WBD, where he invented the NASCAR condiment application system. Although he never made money making the N…

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