Richard is a genre of Music, that was created by natives of the country, Maronano.

History Edit

Richard was created in 1980, by I. Wantt Piy, and his son, I. Wantt Piy To. Richard became extremely popular in Maronano, because they now have a genre of music of their own.

Instruments and Sound Edit

The Instrument consist of a Tuba, Percussion (usually a cowbell, and a drum stick), a Kazoo, and singing. The sound consists of 4 by 4 beats, and the Tuba usually plays 1 note on the 1st and 3rd note. The cowbell usually plays 1 note on the 2nd and 4th note. The singing is high pitched, similar to a baby's voice. There is usually a kazoo solo in the middle of the song, and the singer often makes sounds like a baby, and often babbles during the kazoo solo.

Links Edit

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