Human beings (scientific name: humany beingy) are a branch of the agrepolpiconicandorianen (latin for he who tastes like chicken) family well known for their oversized noses and lack of the ability to use telepathic powers.

Genetic pathEdit

Humans were originally Sea monkeys inside a tank at MI5. During the James Bond and Dr. Who Crossover crisis of 1870, the seamonkeys were zapped by an evolution ray, turning the sea monkeys into humans. By the time that they realise that they are in dreary London, the docter had already left, leaving them stuck on Earth for eternity.


Humans are most commonly found to habit the rims of land masses where they lie in the sun and an attempt to roast the outside layers of their skin. Humans can also live in other locations, though people who live in-land are often called Sven and wear Elvis outfits to work.

Notable humansEdit

  • Ghengis Khan
  • Napoleon
  • Suzan Boyle
  • The 1982 Denver Broncos

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