Bionicle is a soup flavour for the disabled.

Created in 1765, 3 years after WW2, a food-stuff was needed in order to feed the freed prisoners in Auschwitz, Australia. The Anzacs had created a new item called the 'can', but had never put it to full use due to time constraints on 'Foodfight!'.

The soup itself needed to be bio-degradable as the fragments of the twin-towers were still stuck in everyone's teeth. Sir Isaac Clarke of the U.S.M.C started his research into such a food, and at last, had perfected it.

Recipe: Edit

  • 1 dollop of lava.
  • Bad 4chan memes.
  • Obama's armpits.
  • Celery.

After which, Sir Isaac Clarke called it 'Biocan-able', but as the name didn't roll off the tongue, he instead named it 'Bionicle - Food for the disabled'.

Later that day he was stoned to death for saying the name of God, 'Falcon's Up A'.

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